Pabst Ice: Finally, an ice beer for hipsters

Every college bar or bar that has concerts at it should have one thing in common, the Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy.  PBR has long been the drink of choice for poor college kids, or the ironic and cheap choice of hipsters everywhere.  I thought that PBR couldn’t get any better.

Then come the day I discovered Pabst Ice.  Just think about that for a second, if it doesn’t make you thirsty then I don’t know what will.  At the very least it should make you curious.  Pabst Ice is such a rarity on the market because it was sent to prison by a The Man for a crime it didn’t commit. PI promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to Gas USA. Today, still wanted by the government, it survives as soldiers of fortune, getting people drunk where and when it has the opportunity to.   To this date, I’ve only seen it once.

Pabst Ice’s abv jumps up to 6.0%, which makes it an even faster way to forget that shitty indie band you just saw.  Or maybe now you only need to do 2 beer bongs an hour instead of your traditional 3 with PBR.

Is PI a better tasting beer then PBR? Absolutely not.  But does it taste good for an ice beer? Absolutely.  I’m willing to go out and say it’s the best tasting ice beer I’ve had.  It’s the same price as PBR, which may seem like a bad thing, but if your goal is just to drink, Pabst Ice is the way to go.  So, If you need to get drunk, if nothing else can help, and if you can find some, maybe you can buy… Pabst Ice.

Only 5 out of 10 skeets



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